UroCan-LU and LUCC

Lund University Cancer Center (LUCC) is a coordinating organization for the cancer area at Lund University (https://www.lucc.lu.se). It has been formed to support Lund University and Skåne University Hospital in strategic decisions in the field of cancer and coordinate different initiatives and activities. The organization of LUCC is built on 12 translational networks out of which one is entitled “Kidney, bladder & urinary tract and prostate”. As this network thematically is close to the UroCan-LU we consider it a parallel organization, albeit with a slightly broader mission. We welcome anyone with a research interest in these malignancies, to join the LUCC network. Please contact Fredrik Liedberg (Fredrik.liedberg@med.lu.se) or Håkan Axelson (hakan.axelson@med.lu.se) for further information.