Bench to bedside – for clinicians and cancer researchers in uro-oncology, December 9th, 2022

The UroCan-LUCC network and Regionalt Cancercentrum organise a translational meeting "Bench to bedside – for clinicians and cancer researchers in uro-oncology"  Friday, December 9th, 2022   Time:              09.00–15.00 Venue:           Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live                         Dag Hammarskjölds Torg 2                         Walking distance (5 minutes) from Malmö Central Station (see attached map) Cost:              Free of charge Registration: For registration mail anki.rosberg@med.lu.se before November 1st     PROGRAMME 09.00 Kaffe 09.30-10.30 MD Björn Båtshake (Lund) Biverkningar…
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Genomics and precision medicine in urooncologic disease Nov 18th 2021

UroCan-LUCC network is going live again! The UroCan-LUCC network organizes a scientific meeting "Genomics and precision medicine in urooncologic disease" November 18th at Quality Hotel View Malmö (Hyllie). Programme 12.00-13.00 Lunch 13.00-13.10 Introduction 13.10-13.45 Anders Edsjö MD (Lund) “Molecular pathology – the key to precision medicine in solid tumours” 14.00-14.20 Professor Anders Bjartell (Malmö) “Genomics in prostate cancer -Prevalence and Amplitude studies” 14.20-14.40 Professor Fredrik Liedberg (Malmö) “Molecular methods for response prediction in urothelial carcinoma” 14.40-15.15…
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UroCan-LU and LUCC Urooncologic meeting April 29 2021

The LUCC and UroCan-LU network organizes a webinar and virtual meeting April 29 (13.00-15.00). The programme consists of two events: Keynote lecture by Professor Guido Jenster, Erasmus Medical Center Rotterdam "Clinical relevance of the messy genome and transcriptome of prostate cancer". A scientific slam with presentations (3 minutes presentation and max 3 slides) followed by 5 minutes discussions for six ongoing urooncologic research projects. Please submit suggestions for presentations (with title/short description/presenter) before March 26…
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UroCan-LU and LUCC

Lund University Cancer Center (LUCC) is a coordinating organization for the cancer area at Lund University (https://www.lucc.lu.se). It has been formed to support Lund University and Skåne University Hospital in strategic decisions in the field of cancer and coordinate different initiatives and activities. The organization of LUCC is built on 12 translational networks out of which one is entitled “Kidney, bladder & urinary tract and prostate”. As this network thematically is close to the UroCan-LU…
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Molecular diagnostics in urooncology- UroCan-LU meeting 2019-12-06

Date: Friday, December 6th, 2019 Time: 09.30 –14.00 Venue: Quality Hotel View Malmö. Hyllie Stationstorg 29. Walking distance/2 minutes from Hyllie Train Cost: Free of charge Registration: For registration mail anki.rosberg@med.lu.se before October 15th. Program Molecular diagnostics in urooncology  
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Urologisk immunoonkologi – UroCan-LU-seminarium 2019-01-31

Malmö Börshus 20190131 kl. 12.00-16.00 Program: 12.00: Lunch 12.45: David Krantz, PhD, Karolinska institutet. Sammanfattning avhandlingsarbetet ”Adaptive immunity on urothelial cancer: Molecular and clinical aspects” 13.45: Karin Leandersson, professor, ITM, Lunds Universitet ”Heterogeneity of immune cell populations in tumours” 1445: Fika 15.00: Annika Håkansson, ÖL, Docent, SOK, SUS. ”Immunterapi vid prostatacancer, njurcancer och urotelial cancer - state of the art” Anmälan om deltagande till Anki.Rosberg@med.lu.se
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